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ColorCubes is an 3D Puzzle oriented prototype (for now) in which you can use the three primary colors to mix them into theyr secondary colors. Through that you also get new abilities which are unique to each color (secondary colors not implemented yet) and will help you solve the upcoming puzzles.

This is our GMTK Jam projekt and it was a chaotic expirience at its finest. My Internet went down 12 hours into the jam and wasn't up untill 24 hours after the jams finishline. We cleaned up the Jam version with the time we lost and now looking for pushing this new prototype. Giving him a unique story and actuall puzzles to solve that are slightly harder than those count to three puzzles that are implementet yet.

It will feature various visuals for each level and we are planning to update the leveldesign entierly.
So please be a little patient with us and maybe there will be a new much more playable version on its way.

thank you so much for looking at this page,
see you space cowboy...

-More Colors
-New Level
-Sound in generall! I mean, come on!
-PuzzleDesign that will terrify you ... and us ... almost more likely us.


CollorCubes (Cleaned up Version).zip 16 MB
ColorCubes.zip 16 MB

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